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Converting Medical Patients

At this summer’s edition of The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Mary P. Lupo, M.D., will teach attendees how to attract medical patients to their cosmetic practices in a session called “The Medical Patient Is Your Cosmetic Patient – Why Skin Is Really In.” “The medical patient – and the relationship with that patient – are keys...
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Summer CBC: Expect Surprises

The July 9-12 edition of The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC) will “have a few surprises,” said course co-director Jeanine B. Downie, M.D. She is Director of image Dermatology P.C., in Montclair, New Jersey. “Overall,” she says, “my goal is to educate and enlighten my colleagues. CBC always offers cutting-edge technology, and we have many surprises in...
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Counterfeit Version of Botox Found in the United States

Via   [4-16-2015] FDA is alerting health care practitioners and the public that a counterfeit version of Botox was found in the United States and may have been sold to doctors’ offices and medical clinics nationwide.  The product was sold by an unlicensed supplier who is not authorized to ship or distribute drug products in...
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Remembering Dr. Brandt

We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Dr. Fredric Brandt, who we were honored to have as part of our upcoming Summer Meeting faculty.  Dr. Brandt was a brilliant physician and a compassionate and generous colleague.  His independent spirit and keen intellect is a loss to the field of aesthetic medicine.  Our heartfelt...
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