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Additional Acne Advice


Aspen, Colo. – At the recent Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), San Antonio-based dermatologist Vivian Bucay, M.D., presented the following pearls for treating acne and rosacea:

  • Set realistic expectations – “Underpromise, and hopefully, overdeliver. There are so many components to treating scars. Patients also need to know that it’s something they’ll probably have to cover out-of-pocket, even though it’s a consequence of a medical problem.”
  • Craft a maintenance plan – Acne and rosacea treatments are not “one and done. It’s an ongoing relationship with our patients. Everybody needs to be on maintenance, and it’s an important visit when they come off an ongoing acne treatment – whether it’s isotretinoin, antibiotics or spironolactone.”
  • Give specific tips for best results – To reduce flares, remind patients to avoid high-glycemic foods and cleanse the skin thoroughly after they’ve been working out. “Don’t overly dry out the skin, because a compromised barrier leads to more inflammation. Clean those makeup tools – I prefer mineral makeup because it floats on top of the skin.”
  • The final commandment for patients – “Thou shalt not pick.”

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