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Advances in Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening

Las Vegas – At the fall edition of The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Susan Van Dyke, M.D., explained how the goal of long-lasting fat reduction evolved from debulking to more subtle body contouring.

“Cryolipolysis has come a long way since we first started using it. Back then, we had a big applicator; we had little applicator. When you put that big applicator on the soft abdomen, patients experienced discomfort. We got results, but you had to be really good at placing the applicators – if you couldn’t grab it, you couldn’t treat it. The key was to get that fat between those two plates,” which would lower the fat temperature to around 0°C, inducing necrosis over an hour-long session.

With the original CoolSculpting applicators, “We started doing 2 treatments early on,” the second session about a month after the first, using different applicator sizes and placement. With this approach, she said, “We went from debulking to contouring.”

Now, “There are a dozen or so different applicators of different sizes. Some use suction; some do not. You can treat any part of the body,” sometimes in as little as 35 minutes. Dr. Van Dyke is a Paradise Valley, Arizona-based dermatologist.

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