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Back to the Future: Compounding

Napa, Calif. — At the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), attendees from core aesthetic disciplines learned about the history of compounding in dermatology.

The rise in use of FDA-registered 503B compounding facility use returns dermatology to its roots, said Wm. Phillip Werschler, M.D. When he started practicing, he said, few ready-made dermatology medications existed.

“Dermatologists were all master compounders. It was part of our training. We’d write a compounding formula on a prescription sheet.” Such formulas birthed dermatology staples such as Kligman’s formula.

Compounding largely disappeared through the 90s and early 2000s. But under Section 503B, he said, “Prescriber’s Choice worked with dermatologists and said, ‘we have the ability to assist you in developing customized formulas. We will enable the doctor to provide these at the time of the visit at a price point the patient can afford.'” Dr. Werschler is a Spokane, Washington-based dermatologist in private practice and a clinical teaching professor at the University of Washington.

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