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Brow Ptosis Versus Lid Ptosis

Las Vegas – At the fall edition of The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Shelia Anderson, RN, MSN, CANS, emphasized the importance of distinguishing between brow ptosis and lid ptosis associated with neuromodulators such as Botox. She is a Seattle-based aesthetic nurse.

Distinguishing between lid ptosis and brow ptosis can be challenging, she said. “It’s like when a patient calls and says, Shelia, you’ve given me lid ptosis. They come in, and it’s brow ptosis,” meaning that hair of the brow sits at or below the orbital rim. “This is important to assess before you touch these people.”

One patient was unable to identify the problem in her upper face, except that she always looked tired in photos. “She had a problem with a weakened levator palpebral (natural lid ptosis) and couldn’t completely lift her eyelid, making her look sleepy. I referred her to an oculoplastic surgeon, and she’s a happy camper.”

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