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CBC Keynote: Empathy Works

Aspen, Colorado – During her keynote address at The Cosmetic Boot Camp (CBC), Valerie Monroe said it’s in patients’ and doctors’ mutual interests to frame patient encounters as positively as possible. She is beauty director at O, The Oprah Magazine.

“I haven’t found any guidelines given to physicians about the best way to go about an aesthetic assessment with the patient,” she said. However, she added, psychiatrist Helen Riess, M.D., chief scientist at Empathetics, offers several critical reasons why physicians might want to form more positive partnerships with patients:

  • Patient satisfaction factors largely into healthcare provider reputations, and medical professionals who communicate with empathy have higher patient satisfaction ratings.
  • Communicating empathically increases clinician job satisfaction and reduces burnout.
  • Patients who experience empathic care have better adherence and medical outcomes.

“You can set the tone for a positive experience even before you bring out the mirror:” For instance, “Avoid judgmental words like ‘problem’ and ‘improvement.’ Try to release the idea that there’s something wrong with your patient’s face. Jowls and wrinkles are not wrong. Studies have shown that globally, people are more accepting of wrinkles because they are expression lines, and sometimes expressions are happy.”

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