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Combination Antiaging Therapies

Napa, Calif. – Attendees of the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC) learned about the safety of combining filler injections with energy-based tightening technologies.

Some experts believe that combining fillers with tightening will melt hyaluronic acid (HA) or cause excess inflammation. “That’s not the case,” said Paradise Valley, Arizona-based dermatologist Susan Van Dyke, M.D.

A 2016 study showed that when investigators injected HA or calcium hydroxylapatite and performed microfocused ultrasound (MFUS) within 6 months, in either order, no problems occurred. “That should give us some confidence in doing these treatments in close proximity.”

MFUS can penetrate to a depth of 4.5 mm, potentially the same depth as an HA deposit, she said. “When we do Ultherapy, we could go right through filler. I’m sure it happens all the time. And so far I have seen no problems. Nor have I seen an increase in filler dissolution.”

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