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Commissions and Bonuses

Napa, Calif. — A survey of nonphysician compensation unveiled at the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC) showed that experienced respondents prioritize commissions and bonuses to a greater extent than novice injectors do.

Regarding payment structures, 67% of respondents considered commission or bonus potential the most important component. The remaining 33%, who prioritized base salary, were primarily first- or second-year injectors, said Mary Beth Hagen, CEO/founder of TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting, which sponsored the survey.

“When you look at what people really value in a compensation structure, most of them, as they’re increasing in tenure as an injector, value a commission or bonus structure more than a higher salary or hourly rate.”   Newer injectors value they “knowns” of a base salary or hourly pay as they are learning to be an aesthetic provider, she said. 

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