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CoolSculpting Cheat Sheet

Aspen, Colo. – Best practices for cryolipolysis include picking appropriate patients and performing 2 shorter sessions, said Vic A. Narurkar, M.D., at the recent Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC). He is founder and director of the Bay Area Laser Institute, chairman of dermatology at California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, and a CBC cofounder and director.

“Cryolipolysis is noninvasive cooling of fat cells to induce lipolysis without damage to other tissues. This is precise energy extraction, and fat cells die due to apoptosis after cold exposure. When the fat is gone, it’s gone.” Follow-up data out to 7 years show that these fat reductions persist, said Dr. Narurkar.

Ideal CoolSculpting patients include those with visible bulges. “They’re in pretty good shape, with pinchable fat and good skin quality. The key to success with all these noninvasive technologies is to pick the right patient.”

Initially, he added, CoolSculpting treatment consisted of a single 60-minute session. “We now know that for ideal results, we need to do Treatment to Transformation (T2T), which involves placing the adapters in the appropriate way to identify the fat bulges, using some overlaps, and most importantly, performing a second session” 6 weeks after the first. Each lasts 45 minutes.

“T2T has changed the way we do CoolSculpting. It results in the best outcomes. You can get darn good results, approaching those of liposuction,” noninvasively.

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