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CoolSculpting: Not Always a Slamdunk

Las Vegas – At the fall edition of The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Susan Van Dyke, M.D., offered tips for successful noninvasive fat reduction with cryolipolysis. She is a Paradise Valley, Arizona-based dermatologist.

Each CoolSculpting session ultimately removes 20-25% of the fat where an applicator was placed. “So you’re not going to get a 25% smaller waist. It’s more of a contouring or surface change.”

Newer applicators make treatment of areas including the lateral thigh possible. Creative placement of smaller applicators with different sizes and surface contours allows practitioners to treat smaller, more cylindrical body areas, Dr. Van Dyke said. Still, post-treatment photos she shared showed that the treatment is not always a slamdunk. “You don’t just throw on the applicator and tell the patient they’re going to get a great outcome.”

Many clinics in her market offer very cheap CoolSculpting, she said. “They’re telling you you’re having one treatment with 2 applicators,” but many patients really need multiple sessions with multiple applicators.

One patient who had undergone unsuccessful treatment elsewhere presented at Dr. Van Dyke’s practice with “big divots in her abdomen. Obviously, she needed a tummy tuck, but my patients don’t want surgery.” After Dr. Van Dyke used CoolSculpting to flatten the edges of the indentations and make them less obvious, “The patient was very happy.”

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