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Cosmeceuticals: Keeping Patients on Track

Las Vegas – At the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), attendees learned that offering an effective skincare program benefits both patients and practitioners.

Having a well-designed skin care program is an important tool for keeping patients on track with what they need to do in the morning, evening, and perhaps even afternoon if their skin is very oily or otherwise problematic, said Ava Shamban, M.D. She is a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist.

For branding and continuity purposes, she said, it’s very helpful to be, in essence, with your patient all day long. “If they’ve got their list and they’re putting product on their face, it’s like you’re standing there with them. You become part of their daily routine.” Using your skin care program will enhance results of aesthetic procedures and helps patients maintain results between visits, she added.

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