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Feminine Rejuvenation: Laser Versus RF

Aspen, Colo. – At the summer Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), a leading cosmetic surgeon discussed technological breakthroughs behind the current generation of feminine rejuvenation treatments.

Regarding the choice of laser versus radiofrequency (RF) technology, Suneel Chilukuri, M.D., said he had served on a panel with a plastic surgeon, a general gynecologist and America’s first board-certified urogynecologist. “I asked them, since you’ve done many FDA trials, how do you pick and choose with your patients? The answer was, you need both.”

For true vaginal mucosa atrophy, “You need something ablative, just like on the face. When you’re talking about improving laxity, uterine prolapse and prolapse of the ureter, you need bulk heating. So figure out what symptoms you’ll be treating. Also, ask about downtime.” After RF treatment, he said, there are no restrictions of sexual activity. “With CO2 or erbium, you do want to take a few days off – we recommend about a week.”

The interval between treatments can be monthly with lasers, or shorter with RF devices, he said, depending on what the patient wants to accomplish. “How long do results last? The jury’s still out. In our practice, we’re finding that with grade 3 to 5 stress urinary incontinence, you need to do it a little more frequently. They may have to come back at 3 months and do another treatment.” Dr. Chilukuri is a Houston-based cosmetic and Mohs surgeon.

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