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Filler Pearls

Aspen, Colo. – Local anesthetic can provide more than anesthesia, said Newport Beach, California-based plastic surgeon Val Lambros, M.D., FACS, at The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC).

“I have a little quirk. I block patients before injecting them with fillers. The first reason is, I get a local preview of the potential filler’s effects. There’s no better way of getting informed consent than to inject a little local – it duplicates the effects of the filler. Nobody has ever said they wanted the filler removed if they saw the results beforehand.”

As an alternative, “I inject the cheek with 1.5 cc of saline and water, which is the amount of volume you get after injecting 1 cc of a Vycross-containing HA. People typically get 3 cc total. It’s an exaggeration. These aren’t the final results. Two to 3 weeks later, it looks fine. I take a 3-D picture before and immediately after the injection.”

He called his 3-D camera “a very powerful tool.” The face is in continuous motion, even when we think it’s not, said Dr. Lambros. “The tiniest change in mouth posture goes all the way up and down the face. What I often see when I photograph patients is a little snarl. I believe it’s a micro-expression – people don’t like their picture being taken.” As a result, he said, one almost never sees the face completely motionless – except perhaps in death.

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