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Melasma: Sunscreens and Skin Health

Aspen, Colorado – Battling melasma requires addressing not only pigment, but also prevention and general skin health, said Miami-based dermatologist Joely Kaufman, M.D., at The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC).

Along with ingredients that fight pigment directly, she said, prevention regimens should include sunscreens that offer both UV protection and physical sunscreens. “Infrared light and other sources of heat may be offering more pigment promotion than we thought in the past.” So in clinic, she said, “Focus on educating patients about prevention. This is a lifelong disease in most cases.”


An effective melasma regimen should also include ingredients that promote overall skin health, she said. “We all know melasma is not just pigment. We see that it has to do with inflammation and many telangectasias. And maybe it isn’t just a primary pigmentary disorder we’re dealing with – it’s more about skin health.” Accordingly, she recommended adding skin-health boosters including retinoids, antioxidants and peptides to skin-care regimens.

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