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More Acne & Rosacea Tips


Aspen, Colo. – Additional clinical tips given by San Antonio-based dermatologist Vivian Bucay, M.D., at The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), include the following:

  • Establish a diagnosis (or refer to a dermatologist as needed) – “What looks like acne might be rosacea, or a combination of acne and rosacea. Is it more of acne excoriae, acne cosmetica, a reaction to medication, or wearing super-tight skinny jeans? Is there a gram-negative folliculitis? Keratosis pilaris? Flat warts? Is the person taking steroids?” There’s usually more to acne than meets the eye.
  • Educate patients – After consulting Dr. Google, patients often purchase DIY treatments such as an acne mask that includes sugar and potential irritants. “I’m not endorsing this – I’m telling you what your patients are doing before they come to your office.” Establish the diagnosis, tell patients it’s treatable, and discuss their options and questions.
  • Fight flares – “I personally don’t like to treat acne scars while patients still have ongoing acne breakouts. And if the patient requires isotretinoin, that’s going to reset the whole picture and timeframe. Retinoids are incredibly important, and there’s a retinoid or retinol for everyone.” Cosmeceuticals such as niacinamide also play a therapeutic role. Other tools Dr. Bucay uses include energy-based treatments and spironolactone, where appropriate.

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