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Must-Have Skin Tightening Devices

Las Vegas – At the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Encino-based plastic surgeon Sarmela Sunder, M.D., explained the difference between what she considers skin tightening and muscle tightening.

Based on an informal poll of her colleagues, she said that for skin tightening, “Radiofrequency (RF) devices seemed to be the most popular and most effective, whether it’s injectable RF, monopolar RF or RF microneedling.” In photos of colleagues’ patients that she showed, “You can see some skin tightening and improvement in skin laxity with non-surgical intervention.”

She also recommended microfocused ultrasound for what she calls muscle tightening. “I call this muscle tightening because even though you’re not necessarily tightening the muscle, it gives the appearance of muscle tightening and not necessarily only skin improvement.”

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