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Nonphysician Compensation: Meeting in the Middle

Napa, Calif. — At the fall edition of The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), attendees learned about attitudes that can make salary negotiations difficult.

Having worked in aesthetic medicine for 15 years, Mary Beth Hagen, CEO/founder of TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting, undertook the first-ever survey of nonphysician compensation because she grew tired of hearing the following complaints:

  • “My doctor is so selfish and greedy. Doctors make so much money and don’t give any back to the staff.”
  • “My staff is so lazy and entitled. They have no idea what I go through every day to try to keep them employed.”

The reality lies somewhere between these extremes, Ms. Hagen said, and it can be difficult for both sides to appreciate the full picture and understand both the rigors of building and running a physician practice as well as the value of long-term patient and provider loyalty.  “Scheduling regular compensation conversations can help alleviate misperceptions and increase satisfaction for both the physician and the injector.”

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