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Nonphysician Earnings Variables

Napa, Calif. — At the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), an expert shared data showing the impact of credentials, tenure and experience on nonphysician provider pay.

The inaugural survey of nonphysician aesthetic provider compensation showed that NPs, PAs and RNs earned an annual average of $196,000, $189,000, and $129,000, respectively. Years of service at the same practice strongly impacted earnings.

“We found that if you’d only been with your employer 1-2 years, regardless of years of injecting experience, average earnings are about $138,000. But that increased when you’d been at the employer for 3 to 5 years ($195,939),” said Mary Beth Hagen, CEO/founder of TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting. Years of injecting experience also affected compensation, with average compensation of $96,000 for an injector with 1-2 years’ experience.

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