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Nutritional Knowledge in Bite-Size Portions

Las Vegas – The path to better nutrition starts one bite at a time, attendees learned at the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC).

To supercharge the healing process, Gregory A. Buford, M.D., advises patients to adopt the nutritional program outlined in his book Eat, Drink, Heal. Not all patients will radically change their lifestyle, he allowed. “But if I can make little changes along the way, that’s hugely powerful. Plus, I actually feel like I’m making a difference.”

To avoid overwhelming patients, he tells them one tip at each visit. “They really appreciate that information. And it takes maybe an extra 60 seconds in the office. If you can control the lifestyle factors, your patients will look and feel better.”

If patients are in denial about their counterproductive habits, said Dr. Buford, “I don’t work with them.” Patients who can’t be honest won’t follow treatment recommendations, he said. “Your signature is on that patient. When they walk into the community looking great, you look great,” and vice versa.

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