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Perfect Lips: Natural Shape

Aspen, Colo. – At the summer edition of The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), attendees learned the importance of preserving the infinite variance that occurs in natural lip shapes.

Lips remain one of the most commonly treated areas in aesthetic medicine. However, said Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Ava Shamban, M.D., results are often suboptimal. “It’s important to pay attention to what a normal lip looks like. Look at thousands of lips — young, middle-aged and old — to see what a beautiful natural lip looks like, because if we aren’t making people look their best, then what are we doing?”

When looking at someone’s face for facial expression, she said, our eyes move in a triangular pattern from the eyes to the mouth. “When you’re talking, you look at the lips.” The lips are also instrumental in sexual attraction, she added, as they’re the only fully visible sexual organ.

The uniqueness of each set of lips, however, creates challenges for physicians.  “You have to obey that innate shape of the lip, adjusting your technique to that particular lip shape.”

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