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RFMN in Skin of Color

Aspen, Colo. – At the most recent edition of The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Chytra V. Anand, M.D., explained how she uses radiofrequency microneedling (RFMN) in patients with skin of color. She is a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist at Bangalore and Chennai-based Kosmoderma Clinics in India.

To perform the procedure, “We use a non-insulated bipolar RF device that penetrates to a depth of 3.5 mm.” Its mechanism of action involves uniform needle penetration, creating uniform columns of microthermal heating, particularly of sebaceous glands in patients with acne. “We apply topical anesthetic before the procedure. It’s not painful, and the results are worth it.”

Regarding energy settings, the device’s manufacturer originally recommended 40% for treating skin of color. “But we now go up to 60%, and the incidence of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation is extremely limited – one case in 400 we’ve done.”

Typically she treats at a depth of 1.5 to 2.5 Mm. “And you can stack it. We perform 3 passes on each cheek – starting at 2.5 mm, then 2 mm, then 1.5 mm. Pulse duration and needle penetration automatically set themselves depending on how you choose the parameters.” Published indications include acne scars, skin tightening and stretch marks, she said. “Right now we’re working on active acne and hyperhidrosis trials in our clinics.”

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