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Simplifying Post-Procedural Care

Las Vegas – At the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Gregory A. Buford, M.D., explained how simple steps such as preparing meals in advance can streamline the healing process.

In the U.S. healthcare system, he said, the growing number of outpatient procedures means that patients must handle more of their own post-procedural care. “We’re asking them to do a lot,” namely, healing, taking and applying medications, feeding themselves, periodically ambulating to prevent DVTs and more.

With such a daunting list of tasks, he said, “We don’t know how compliant they are.” For example, said Dr. Buford, patients rarely cook at home during the post-surgical period. “When they don’t eat well, their wounds don’t heal – it’s that simple.” To avoid such problems, he suggests that patients prepare several nutritious meals in advance and freeze them. “Meal prepping saves time.”

When complications arise, he added, “We don’t look at the underlying reasons – we put patients on a drug,” which often leads to a side effect, then another drug. Patients often point fingers at physicians, and vice versa. By optimizing patients’ nutritional status, “I prefer to try to avoid the complications before they happen.”

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