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Slashing Prior Authorization Problems

Napa, Calif. — At the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), an expert shared his experience in surmounting prior authorization (PA) hurdles by using a compounding pharmacy.

“Every week,” said Wm. Philip Werschler, M.D., “it gets worse with denials, chart note requests, step edits (even for generics), pre-authorizations and excessive co-pays. We now have a full-time medical assistant who works the denial desk.”

More than 70% of patients who encounter insurers’ PA requirements get substitute medications, he added. “We want our patients to get the medicines that we want them to have, expeditiously and affordably. And we want to prescribe what in our belief as the dermatologist is going to be the best medicine for them as an individual,” he said.

Using an FDA-registered 503B outsourcing service can meet these goals, he said. Since starting with Prescriber’s Choice, Dr. Werschler said, his practice has reduced PA time and cost on topical products 50-75%.

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