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Synergistic Rejuvenation

Aspen, Colo. — At the summer Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), an expert explained why Botox and other neuromodulator injections remain among the most sought-after aesthetic procedures.

Neuromodulators meld effectively with other treatment modalities such as intense pulsed light (IPL), lasers and skincare, said Vic Narurkar, M.D. He is founder and director of the Bay Area Laser Institute, chairman of dermatology at California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, and a CBC cofounder and director.

“Because much of what we do requires multiple treatments, many patients want to see more immediate results, which botulinum toxins can deliver. There’s perfect synergy between the timing of botulinum toxin injections and energy-based devices for a combined global effect in facial rejuvenation.”

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