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Taking Aim at Brown Spots

Aspen – At this summer’s Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), dermatologist Paul M. Friedman, M.D., shared tips for the laser treatment of brown spots. He is director of Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center in Houston and New York.

“The nice thing about melanin is that it has a broad absorption curve, allowing us to utilize a variety of devices to target this chromophore.” Currently available Q-switched lasers operate at 532, 694, 755 and 1064 nm. Each targets progressively deeper pigment, he said.

“Picosecond lasers are an exciting new technology. They were first marketed for tattoo removal. Now we’re seeing some cross over into the arena of benign pigmented lesions.” Picosecond lasers now offer fractionated delivery, causing laser-induced optical breakdown, he added. “Pay attention to this picosecond technology because it’s going to evolve for a number of different applications.”

Dr. Friedman called the Clear + Brilliant Permea low-energy and low-densitynonablative fractional 1927 nm diode laser his go-to device for darker skin types with melasma and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation in all ages. To document subtle melasma, “UV photography is critical. Don’t treat these patients too aggressively because you will exacerbate the condition.”

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