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The Mind-Body Connection

Las Vegas – Optimal healing after fillers, lasers or injectable procedures requires addressing not only diet, but also proper mental hygiene, attendees learned at the most recent Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC).

When educating patients about the importance of nutrition before, during and after procedures, said Englewood Colorado-based plastic surgeon Gregory A. Buford, “I also emphasize the mind-body connection.”

Under stress, he explained, rising cortisol levels “rust” the body from inside-out. “When you lower the cortisol, you can optimize healing. This is a fact.” Better healing also provides a better overall experience for patients, and therefore a branding advantage for your practice. “Be that practice that actually cares, that takes that extra step and puts nutrition into practice.”

As he tells his patients, “You either pay now, for good food and live a healthy life, or you pay later in the form of disease. Seven out of the 10 most common U.S. diseases are related to lifestyle. We can do better.”

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