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The Sherlock Holmes of Botox

Las Vegas – Patient evaluation for neuromodulator injections requires some detective work, said Shelia Anderson, RN, MSN, CANS, fall edition of The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC).

“The frontalis is interesting because 90% of us don’t have movement lateral to the temporal fusion line. So you’ve got to evaluate the whole muscle.” Everyone has the same muscles, “but a lot of times we use them differently.” With one male patient she treated, “I could not figure him out. Every scientific rule I had, he didn’t fit it. I came to find out he had a severely traumatic event which resulted in sutures, changing the muscle fibers, and that limited the mobility of his frontalis. I had to understand that before I put a needle in his face.”

Similarly, she said that with one of her female patients, “No matter what I did with my neuromodulator, I could not get her brows symmetrical. Finally, 2 visits after her initial visit, she said, ‘I forgot, I was in a car accident and had surgery on that side.'” To understand what patients aren’t telling you, “You have to investigate – you have to be Sherlock Holmes.”

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