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The Skinny on CoolMini

Aspen, Colo. – At the most recent Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Vic A. Narurkar, M.D., shared insights regarding the CoolMini adapter for the CoolSculpting device. He is founder and director of the Bay Area Laser Institute, chairman of dermatology at California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, and a CBC cofounder and director.

“What’s nice about the CoolMini is that you can go quite laterally. So you can actually contour the jawline. What I often do is, if somebody has a little bulkiness, I’m not worried about the marginal mandibular nerve, so I’ll debulk with CoolMini.”

The treatment works best in areas where the adapter can form a very tight seal, Dr. Narurkar said. And having slight overlap between treatment areas is OK, he added. “In fact, I want to have a little overlap where the bulge is.” Before the procedure, “Always use 2 tubes of gel to avoid burning or discomfort.” During the procedure, patients may complain of occipital headache from sitting in the necessary position.

Immediately after treatment, he said, the treated area looks somewhat like a stick of butter. “Massage it in, and it disappears.” Patients tend to experience a little transient erythema and numbness immediately post-treatment, and very little swelling both immediately and one to 2 days after treatment, he added. “The lack of swelling differentiates CoolMini from Kybella.”

CoolSculpting patients always experience transient numbness, he added. “Additionally, pain can occur in a small percentage of patients. It usually responds to anti-inflammatories.” Also rare is a paradoxical hyperplasia reaction, Dr. Narurkar said. “The incidence is less than 1%. In more than 3 million treatment cycles, about 700 cases have been reported.”

CoolMini is also appropriate for small fat pockets such as in the knee or bra area. “I always have to make sure the nurses are not constantly using it, so patients can use it.” The device – along with Kybella – is also gaining a growing audience among men, added Dr. Narurkar.

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