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The Vic Narurkar, MD Memorial Scholar Award – 2020




Dr. Vic Narurkar was a co-founder of Cosmetic Bootcamp and was dedicated to fostering future generations of aesthetic physicians through quality education and training. For over 15 years, he was selfless and unflagging in his mission to share his expertise though lectures and hands on training at Cosmetic Bootcamp programs. This initiative will ensure that Dr Narurkar’s memory and passion live on and nurture the aesthetic physicians of the future. 

Eligibility and Selection: 

  • A physician completing residency/fellowship training, or in his or her first 5 years of practice in one of the core specialties of Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, and Plastic Surgery. 
  • Recipient demonstrates outstanding commitment to and involvement in continuing education, science-based research, and safe and effective patient care. 
  • To be selected by the Cosmetic Bootcamp founders based on application and essay submission. 
  • Application deadline: March 31, 2020. 


  • Creation of The Vic Narurkar, MD Memorial Scholar – A Scholar will be named each year, as selected by the founders of CBC. The announcement will be made on the CBC Website and via press release. 
  • A 10-minute Vic Narurkar Memorial Lecture, during the program, presented by the “Vic Narurkar Scholar” and introduced by the founders. The topic will be at the discretion of the scholar and subject to approval by the founders. 
  • Presentation of an award at the meeting. 
  • Selected Recipient/Scholar will receive 3-night’s accommodations in Aspen to attend the CBC Summer meeting.
    • Note that Accommodations are provided by Cosmetic Bootcamp independently. 
    • Note that awards/stipends offered by Cosmetic Bootcamp cannot be combined.