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Thread Lift Tutorial

Aspen, Colo. – At the most recent Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Chytra V. Anand, M.D., shared strategies for successful thread lifting. She is a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist at Bangalore and Chennai-based Kosmoderma Clinics in India.

Approved by the Korean FDA, polydioxanone (PDO) barbed threads are expected to reach the United States in mid-2017, said Dr. Anand. PDO threads absorb within 6 months. Physicians in India typically use them for face and neck lifting, she added.

These procedures take around 45 minutes, she said, and maximum results appear in several weeks. “Before this, we had smooth threads. Those didn’t do much. But with the barbs, we’re able to pull the skin up.”

Regarding anesthetic, she usually uses local infiltration. “It’s almost like doing tumescent anesthesia.” She injects the anesthetic with an 18-gauge cannula to create 2 entry points (one on either side of the face) for the PDO threads. For sensitive patients, “I’ll give an infraorbital and a mandibular block if necessary.”

She typically injects the thread using a 21-gauge cannula or a 19- to 22-gauge needle. Once a thread is inserted, “It will latch onto the skin. It’s always better to make a little tunnel into that area” than to attempt to move back and forth multiple times through the treatment area. Gently pulling the thread’s visible end shows that it’s attached to the deeper layers of skin, she said.

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