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Thread Lifting and Wrinkle Reduction

Aspen, Colo. – Thread lifting can work well combined with neuromodulator injections, Chytra V. Anand, M.D., told her audience of core aesthetic specialists at the recent Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC). She is a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist at Bangalore and Chennai-based Kosmoderma Clinics in India.

With barbed polydioxanone (PDO) threads, which have been available in India for a decade, she said, the number of threads needed depends on the area being treated. “If the nasolabial area, midface or lower face is the problem, I’ll choose at least 4 to 5 for each side.”

A patient whose photos she showed required 5 threads on each side of her face. Additionally, “She had a little bit of a neuromodulator in the upper face 6 weeks after the procedure because she was happy enough with the results to trust me to do more for her.”

Another thread lift patient required neuromodulators in the parotid area. “In India when we age, many of us have lower facial hypertrophy – a lot of fat and sagging. And the parotid glands tend to enlarge in size. With neuromodulator injections, the glands will shrink, narrowing the lower face.”

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