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Volume Isn’t Just for Fillers

Las Vegas – At the fall Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC), Gregory A. Buford, M.D., reminded attendees that soothing sounds and smells actually help boost results of procedures ranging from laser resurfacing to neurotoxins and volumizing fillers.

During any in-office procedure, he said, patients benefit from tasteful touches such as the following:

  • Aromatherapy – On the day of a procedure, “We use lavender and a number of things to help our patients relax, creating an experience.”
  • Binaural Beats – Listening to a different, carefully selected wavelength in each ear with this app helps patients relax. “If you think it’s nonsense, try it. It actually works, and costs you nothing on Apple.”

After procedures, he assesses and optimizes nutritional lab results, encouraging patients to remain on the nutritional regimen that prepared them for their procedure. “And we continue to support the mind-body connection. Create that mind-body experience for your patients. The more relaxed they are, the lower their cortisol levels, and the better they heal.” Dr. Buford is an Englewood, Colorado-based plastic surgeon.

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